Friday, August 14

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The garden, 17:00


Irma was working from home today and Naa had the day off. I woke up early and read for a while, and then went for a walk when Irma got up.

I walked to Prisma and back to test my two pedometer apps because this is a straight journey of a known length. Neither of them were correct and, as I suspected, one gave too small a distance, and one too big. Ho hum.

I arrived home sweating and had a shower. Shortly afterwards Irma left for a meeting with the woman who manages Itis.

I then walked back to Prisma and then on to Itis to meet Irma at 14:00. I had received an email to say that my thesis was back from the printer and we were eager to see it.

On the way home we stopped at Stockmann, and when we arrived back Naa came in from her afternoon with Viljam.

Now I am out in the garden with a copy of the thesis, watching the cover change colour in the sunlight. The layout and design are excellent. It may be nonsense but it at least has the virtue of being visually pleasing nonsense.

At about 19:00 we will say goodbye to Naa and Sunshine and drive to Sundö, where we will spend tomorrow packing up the house.

We will realise later that we have forgotten to have a meal today. We will have a sandwich and a cup of tea and go to bed as soon as it starts to get dark.