Monday, August 17

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Puotila Beach, 18:40


I got to Arcada just before 9:00 and said hello to Jutta, Fred and Tomas. At 9:30 almost everyone else arrived and we started the first meeting of the academic year.

After lunch, which was not a very wide selection, we all went back for the second meeting of the academic year.

Afterwards I sent a lot of mails about different aspects of my doctoral defence. At 16:30 I left for home.

Now Irma and I have cycled to the beach, where Irma has gone swimming. I am sitting on the beach realising that this is the first time in almost eight years that we have ever used the beach as a beach. Auo and I used to cycle here regularly but we never swam or sunbathed.

Now it seems like a proper beach, and I can’t imagine why we didn’t.