Tuesday, August 18

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The garden, 22:00


This morning I cycled to Puotila metro station, caught the metro to Kalasatama, and then walked to Arcada.

At lunchtime I walked along Hermannin Merirantantie to the new Lidl, which was big and almost empty. At 16:15 I left Arcada and walked to Kalasatama, caught the metro to Puotila, and cycled home.

During the day I made a draft programme for the Pixelache Festival conference, which will be known as N2 Living Chatter. I also created a full draft outline of the 7,000 word book chapter I am due to deliver on September 14. It has fourteen sections each of which need to be expanded to 500 words. A third of them are already complete, and none of them are empty.

I did a lot of emailing about the administration of my doctoral defence and the dinner that will follow it. I asked questions about what happens at Arcada when I am Doctor Kelly, and I made plans for switching some courses in periods 2 and 3 to online courses.

I also ordered a large monitor for myself and arranged to go to TAIK with Nicke and Mirko on Friday to set up a live streaming feed for my defence.

Now I am in the garden sitting in the semi-dark moving Weetabix out of the tubes they arrive in and into a tin box. I am outside because this is a messy business. The solar lamps we bought in Borgå over the summer are all in multicoloured action.

When I have finished I will go back indoors and explore the e-magazines that are available from Helsinki library. We have just discovered these while looking at the indie films that Irma discovered are available.

In thirty minutes time I will be reading Shindig and Philosophy Now.