Wednesday, September 2

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Hermannin rantatie, 8:40


This morning was definitely colder and greyer, and a lot less like a late summer. As I cycled to the metro I was very glad I had opted to wear a cardigan.

Nonetheless I walked from Kalasatama. As I passed one of the big new diversions that have been added to, rather than replaced, the big old diversions, I noticed a London bus coming through the rubble. I am surprised until I realised it is a tourist bus, and then I am surprised that it is showing the tourists the rubble.

I get a nice surprise when I get to Arcada: the students have managed to do something to cause HostMonster to take one of our domains offline again. Aargh, this will mean at least half a day of talking with the online help, and it will blow my plans for tomorrow’s CMS class out the window.

I will have a long planning meeting on Skype with Jutta. I will update course notes and upload some zip files for course work. I will return a library book, and we will renew our HostMonster subscription. Somewhere in this I will have a 45 minute tutorial in which everything will work out as well as it possible could.

I will also add another 135 students to the registration system. I have registered 268 users in the last ten days or so.

The day will be peppered with Facebook updates from Naa and about Naa. There are some wonderful photos of her arriving and being greeted by tiny orphans. I will feel very proud and happy.

Later in the afternoon Arcada will have its annual opening inscription. I will be too busy trying to contact HostMonster’s call centre to join in.