Friday, September 4

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Great Hall, Helsinki University, 16:20


Today was reasonably sunny again, although not very warm, so, cardigan on, I cycled to Puotila metro station.

At Arcada I had a Skype call with Jutta which turned in a totally unexpected direction. She told me that the first year had learned Bootstrap and Foundation in their Web Design course. My head span because this radically alters what I can do in CMS.

After we finished I researched the exact differences betweem the two. Bootstrap uses pixels, Foundation’s grids use Rems: case closed. I went to and bought Jumpstart Foundation.

Naa skyped me, and we had a ten-minute video chat with all four little children joining in. She seemed happy and busy and it was wonderful talking with her.

On a whim I checked Arcada’s menu and today’s menu included oven-baked sausage and mashed potato. Auo and Naa both loved this, and Naa has travelled to Arcada especially to eat it. How could I eat anything else? I went down and tucked in.

At 14:00 I went to the monthly Rector’s Coffee and, because I am now a doctor, the coffee was replaced with sparkling wine. The cakes were as big as usual.

Now I am in the centre, waiting for Think Helsinki Think to begin.

It will be entertaining, informative and thoroughly enjoyable. Ben Goldacre will be particularly acute, and Robin Ince will be laugh-out-loud amusing. Sanal Edamaruku will tell his autobiographical story of fleeing from India after attacks by the followers of various gurus he had debunked in a wryly amusing way.

I will cycle home to chat and share a glass of wine before collapsing into a deep sleep seconds after my head hitting the pillow.