Wednesday, September 9

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Home, 19:00


This morning I did a lot of different things. I answered more mails about Living Chatter, and started the process of finding a student prepared to live blog it. I finalised the guest list, and sent out some mails. I plotted out a final version of my book chapter, and compiled the notes I will need. I added some more people to I prepared for my class this afternoon. I graded a student for an overdue assignment from last year. I emailed Erik who is in Iceland at a Nobanet meeting, and began grading the final assignments from the summer course.

At lunch I went for a walk to buy some cheese and reissumies. Then I ate them.

I spent the afternoon with the new Mobile Apps group. We discussed the visit to the Design Museum yesterday, and I broke them into small groups. I set the groups an assignment in which they had to envisage a mobile app that relates to the ideas they discussed yesterday. Then they had to make a pecha kucha to describe their idea. Finally they had to make sure they were ready to present it to the rest of the class tomorrow.

I took some time out to discuss some aspects of the course assignments this year with Jutta and Andrej.

Now I am home. Irma spent the day at another seminar for Design Week, and hers was in a partly renovated warehouse. She spent much of the day climbing up and down temporary ladders attached to scaffolding. She did however come across a really interesting project, Granby Four Streets, in Liverpool; spoke to one of the designers; and arranged for us to visit it when we are in Liverpool next week.

I am looking at the cabinet opposite the toilet and next to Naa’s bedroom. I am marvelling about how it scarcely ever receives direct light, and is difficult to photograph even in summer. I make another attempt.

After this I will go for a very long walk, which I will cover very quickly. I will go through the woods; down the long path; under the ring road; past the building with the big Ed sign; back under the ring road; down to Prisma; and back to Vartiokylä. It will take me just over an hour.

As soon as I return I will get ready to have a shower. I will then read a magazine from Lexus that Irma found today in or around the seminar. It looks exactly like Monocle, who have obviously influenced upmarket design.