Monday, September 14

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Woods, 19:00


I cycled to Puotila and then walked to Arcada from Kalasatama. It was slightly cooler, but I listened to Prince’s new album as I walked and the wind stopped bothering me. It is probably his best album in twenty years. Either that, or I have missed some excellent albums of his without realising it.

At Arcada I spent the morning preparing the final details for Living Chatter. I mailed out the invitations and emailed back and forth with John and Ags about the arrangements. I also mailed Alison and Gerry to tell them that my book chapter would be ready by the end of the month. Alison mailed back to say that this suited her perfectly.

After a lunch of turkey breast and potatoes I joined the team meeting. These alternate between administrative business and broader policy discussions. Today was of the second kind and we talked about arts-based research and The Future North.

After that I raced home. Irma is seeing Hannu today and so it is my job to rescue the cat fro a life of boredom. Sure enough, when I arrived home it was sitting on the white cushion on the trunk on the verandah waiting for something to happen.

I vacuum-cleaned and wiped and then when Irma arrived home I went for an evening walk and another listen to the Prince album. Now I am walking through the woods towards the ring road and the trees make it appear as though I am in dense forest. I am not.

Later Irma and I will pull the sheets and then I will iron them. I will work out what I have to do tomorrow and decide that an early night is in order. I will be asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.