Tuesday, September 15

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A306, Arcada, 13:00


The weather was overcast but the hardy cyclist was not deterred.

I began the morning by answering mails. Then I made some downloads for this afternoon’s course. Then I graded all the final assignments from the Storytelling & Experience Design summer course. I had read them all before and made notes. Now I compared them with each other and with what Erik and I had asked for. I made a set of suggested marks and sent them to Erik.

During the course of this I made various impromptu decisions at various impromptu meetings. Now I am sitting at my desk looking away to my right where Liisa is no longer sitting. She has gone off to an impromptu meeting. This is what I see when I look to my right while Liisa is away from her desk.

Sometimes I feel like Dilbert.

I will spend the afternoon leading the CMS course. We will have further illuminating problems with Xampp: problems that Dane thinks are caused by F-Secure silently objecting on some occasions to the idea of tolerating someone launching an instance of Apache.

By the time the session finishes everyone will have everything working and everyone will be busy exploring the administrative panels behind Wordpress. I will have explained the differences between posts and pages, and between categories and tags, and answered questions as they emerged.

By the time the session finishes I will have looked out of the window and noticed that it is pouring with rain. By the time I have got off the metro at Puotila the rain will be bouncing half a metre off the pavement. I will put on my free, bright yellow plastic cape, the one with the Subway logo on the back – and cycle home as fast as I can. When I get home parts of me will be dry and parts of me will be dripping wet.

Irma will check in early for Thursday and I will have a shower. The cat will watch us until it falls asleep.