Unconventional Reading

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POSTED: September 9, 2006

While idly glancing at one of my old links (the one about the Crisis on Infinite Earths, fact fans), I found an interesting online paper called Unconventional Reading by Jason Craft, which looks at what comics can teach us about reading hypertexts. This now seems to have been taken offline, but may possibly be hidden somewhere else at the web site of the Computer Writing and Research Lab at the University of Texas.

This set me googling for two minutes until I found the online home of Scott McCloud, the author of the indispensable Understanding Comics and Reinventing Comics, which are key texts for anyone interested in exploring how we can and could “read” comics.

The Morning Improv online comic on his site is well worth a look too, as an example of using the web to structure comics in a different, non-linear way.