Sunday, September 20

YEAR:  2015 |

Mathew Street, Liverpool 1, 9:45


When we woke up Irma wanted to pack and I wanted to take a photograph of the John Lennon statue. We both succeeded.

I walked out of the hotel, turned left, and (as I had hoped) the area was completely devoid of tourists. I am watching John Lennon, but he isn’t moving at all. In a moment I will photograph the statue and then the sculpture by Arthur Dooley, a name I had forgotten until I saw it the other day.

We will walk to the station, get the train, and arrive at Manchester airport too early. We will have to wait almost an hour to hand in our luggage.

The airport is comfortable and not overcrowded, so we will take turns in wandering around until it it time to board.

The flight will be half empty so we will boh have a row of our own.

We will get home about 23:23 and go to sleep. All in all, we will (I think) have had a great weekend.