Wednesday, September 23

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Puotila Metro, 19:00


In the morning, when I got to work, I received the all-clear from John at Pixelache. We have nine people registered for Living Chatter, and so it will go ahead. I was happy to hear this.

Today was mostly taken up with the Mobile Apps course. I introduced an exercise based on the Mersey Ferries web site, which I noticed last weekend is totally unresponsive. I challenged the class to take the information from the web site and make a jQuery Mobile mobile app from it.

I began by going through a few final fundamentals, including a look at panels and popups. I then left them to it, walking around and answering questions as they arose.

After the class ended I began preparing my slideshow for Friday, because Irma was getting herself ready for her all-day test tomorrow and didn’t want me crowding the house and disturbing her.

Now I am at Puotila station and about to collect my bike. When I get home Irma will be in a jolly mood. I will carry some old twigs and dead plants to the woods, and then settle down to finish reading the copy of Monocle we bought a few weeks ago.

Sunshine will want stroking. I will have a shower. We will go to bed early.