Monday, September 28

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Myylypuro, 19:00


I forgot to use the vacuum cleaner over the weekend, so I used it this morning. Irma left home early for the first day of a two-day seminar, and I leapt out of bed and grabbed the Dyson. I then sat down to do some reading in case the cat wanted to come back in.

It didn’t so, once I had read what I intended, I locked up and cycled to Puotila.

I spent the morning mailing people, and having meetings. Tomas and I met Robert Runeberg to discuss Omtänk 2016 and fortunately we all seemed to be having the same or similar ideas. At any rate it did not take long to decide everything we could decide at this stage.

At 13:15 I had a meeting with Mats. Nobody else turned up so we were just about to abandon it when Andrej appeared and Mats decided to hold it anyway. I sat there amazed for forty five minutes, careful to say nothing that might prolong it.

I had to leave to have a Skype call with Deirdre who had just arrived back in Dublin from Brussels. We had been supposed to talk this morning but she had phoned me from the plane to delay the meeting until she landed. Very sensible, I thought. Rasmus and Joonas want to go to Dublin for six months and they wanted advice. I got some from Deirdre and passed it on.

They had better go after that.

When I got home Irma had just arrived from the seminar which had been pretty heavy and pretty gloomy by all accounts. She had had enough conversation and I was similarly exhausted so I left for a walk. Now I am walking along the path from Myylypuro to the ring road and looking up at one of the pylons.

In a few minutes I will decide to take a turn I have not taken before and, to my surprise, I will manage to lose all sense of direction. I will come to a junction and have no idea at all which way to turn. I will eventually realise that I am walking in a large and unnecessary circle.

My legs will hurt when I get home almost two hours later. As I walk in the door I will realise that I have just missed the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who. Damn, I will say.