Wednesday, September 30

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Garden, 16:40


This morning Irma left while I was still asleep. I woke up as normal and let Sunshine out. I then had a shower and decided to watch the Lynda videos I wanted to watch at home before leaving rather than at Arcada.

I was half expecting Sunshine to come back but he didn’t; probably because the weather turned from overcast and cold to sunny and not-so-cold while my hair was drying.

I got to Arcada in the middle of the morning and emailed Iina at Aalto to ask if I could find out what the doctoral committee had decided yesterday. She replied with a copy of Bryan’s assessment and the committee’s decision which both decided that I should pass with a distinction. I told Nathalie and there was much high-fiving and a decision that I should now start applying for promotion and research money.

In the afternoon I had the CMS class again and we ran straight into the file permission issues that have dogged us with Xampp in previous years. I failed to find an instant solution so some of the students did much less work than they and I would have liked. I now need to figure this out once and for all – and before the next block on two week’s time.

As a result of this the class finished early and now I am home. Sunshine is not here as I expected him to be, but it is still unseasonably bright. As I put my bike away I notice the pot that I noticed a couple of evenings ago. When I first saw it I thought it was a huge wasps’ nest and moved very carefully. Irma thought that this was hilarious and told me that it was a pot she had put on a tree stump upside down. For some reason I never asked her why.

At 19:08, while I am settling down to write, Sunshine will appear and demand a large meal. He will then go to the sofa, stretch along its length and fall asleep. I will start writing.