Sunday, October 4

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Linnanherrantie, 15:25


We slept late and woke up in good moods. I showered and changed the sheets, and wiped the floors which manufacture dust at a puzzling rate.

After brunch I cycled to Prisma. We had noticed that the cat food had run out and the cat hadn’t lost its appetite. The answer to the question “Can you get ten tins of cat food into a shopping bag and then fit it into the basket of my bike?” turned out to be yes.

When I got home Irma was determinedly working her way through the big pile of Helsingin Sanomats that piled up while she was in Malmö, which include the big magazine that comes on the first Saturday of every month. Since the weather was warm and dry I decided to go for a walk.

Now I have just left Linnanherrantie to turn into the woods and the long path that leads to the ring road. I can see a big [insert collective noun here] of mushrooms looking bright in the autumn sun.

I will walk for an hour listening to a live tape of a solo Bruce Springsteen concert from 2005. He plays as much piano as guitar, which surprises me. I am not sure whether it should or not, but it does.

When I get back we will give Sunshine some worm tablets, which always works like a Three Stooges routine in which the cat plays the third Stooge.

I will (re)write more for my book chapter while Irma makes a Powerpoint show for a meeting on Tuesday.