Tuesday, October 6

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Kalasatama metro station, 8:10


The temperature has dropped about ten degrees overnight. The sun was up, the sky was blue, the leaves were covered in frost, and my hands were freezing as I cycled to the station.

I had noticed the embroidery at Kalasatama metro station for a few days, but this morning I finally see a notice explaining it. They are by Concreatives, who appear to be four women from Helsinki. The pieces are collectively called No Borders. Concreatives are a

group of designers willing to use their skills for common good through social design[. They] got together and Concreatives collective was born. Working in the field of communcal urban culture, the collective aims to improve the social and mental wellness, open mindedness and communication through design. By working together and actively participating in building our future we can achieve even more.”

I will stop at Lidl on the walk from Kalasatama to Aarcada. It will be almost empty. I will get my bread, cheese and salad quickly and easily.

I will spend the morning planning this and next week’s courses, talking with Jutta and Nathalie, and adding another list of students to Lynda.com. I will spend the afternoon with the Mobile Apps group.