Sunday, October 11

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Stockmann, 17:00


We got up very late. I went for a short walk to stretch my legs, which were still aching from Friday’s marathon walk.

I then changed the sheets, and after brunch we did some work in the garden: throwing dead plants into the woods, and moving garden furniture.

Now we are in Stockmann for the last day of the Crazy Day sales. Irma has been grabbed by the roving mascot, to the astonishment of several tourists. In a few minutes she will get bargain plane tickets to Gdansk for a Spring weekend break.

I will buy a winter jacket, which I definitely need, and we will stock up on all the bargains in the deli.

I will go for another short walk before we eat, and then we will go to bed very early indeed. Irritatingly this will not work as expected. I will wake up at about 4:00 and stay awake until I get up at 7:30.