Saturday, October 17

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Vartiokyläntie, 12:20


When we finally wake up I will go for a walk in the bright light. I am walking briskly among the red and yellow leaves piling up on the pavement.

After brunch I will cycle to Prisma to try to get a new basket for my bike. I am using it more than I ever have and the white plastic basket Irma put there with string is nearing the end of its life. I saw a basket on a bike at Puotila twice this week, which reminded me that I want one too.

Neither Prisma nor XXL will have what I want so I will cycle over to Velo & Oxygen, where they will have exactly the model I saw at the metro station. I will buy it, carry it home, and screw it on.

Later we will go to Prisma again, this time for groceries. I will realise that I should have bought a front lamp as well, since I have twice cycled through the dark in the last two weeks without one. I would rather have a lamp than a very expensive fine. I get one and when we get home I assemble it to discover that it doesn’t work.

We will sit in the kitchen talking while Irma cooks, and then we will eat something delicious from fresh vegetables and Camilla’s meat.