Monday, October 19

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Auo's room, 21:00


It is getting darker very quickly now. I thought I was going to have to use my new lamp when I left on the bike. Fifteen minutes earlier and I would really have needed it.

I spent much of the morning researching into Bloom’s Taxonomy, because I have been asked to give a presentation at this afternoon’s staff meeting. Discussion has circled back once more to the question of language; of how we can all describe our courses, assignments, and learning outcomes in the same language so that we can compare different courses in a logical way. Bloom’s taxonomy, in its revised form (and especially in the revised revised form that Andrew Churches devised), may be an answer.

I had a long meeting with Jutta and a couple of shorter meetings that I forgot almost as soon as they finished.

In the afternoon I gave my presentation, having realised that peple usually use only one third of the complete taxonomy, the development of which actually has more to do with David Krathwohl than Leopold Bloom. There is an Affective Taxonomy that provides a second dimension that includes attitudes and team-work.

After this I sat through a student pitch that seemed determined to never end. We had a fifty minute pitch for a planned fifteen minute film. We suggested that the team begin by shooting a trailer for the game within the film. This will test their planned technical choices and their estimations of the time it will take to shoot and process.

I then raced home. Irma was racing to Kamppi to help her parents and the logs we ordered from Stockmann had suddenly arrived. While Irma was away I moved forty big bags of logs, filling the shed and lining the carport.

Now I am in the house, looking out of Auo’s old room towards the kitchen. The cat is asleep and my arms and shoulders are aching. I wish Auo was here.

I still think that sometimes. I expect I always will.