Tuesday, October 20

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Hermannin rantatie, 17:40


In the morning I went right through mu to-do list, answering mails and all the other ten-minute tasks I do saved up. I planned a distance learning course for a student who will be away in the winter, drew up budgets, and more.

Alex Kac mailed me to say that he had given me a year’s free subscription to Informant Sync for my participation in the Pocket Informant beta testing. Since Pocket Informant is at the heart of my personal organisation, and is the only reason I know what to do and when, I was very happy.

I firmed up my writing and self-publishing plans for the next year, and included them in a mail to Russell. I now think I have a major part of the Stroll to 2020 sorted out.

In the afternoon I met the Mobile Apps group and we discussed the situation. At 15:30 we met with the team from Human Corpus and discussed Stephane’s mails about a mobile app. After an hour we had agreed a realistic plan. The students and I then spent an hour discussing it, and by the time the session ended everyone knew what they were doing and had a realistic plan of action that they were happy with.

Now I am walking to Kalasatama and the sun is going down, in a very Finnish sky.

At home I will do another chunk of typing. I will transcribe another two chapters from Community, Art and the State, for a planned e-book edition in December. I am now 20% of the way through it, and I will decide that, from now on, I will copy one chapter an evening, and two on each weekday. If I manage this then I will have the texts finished before I go to Oslo.

I will finish the evening with a shower.