Wednesday, October 21

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A306, Arcada, 9:30


Today was the first day when it was still dark enough when I left home that I felt obliged to use my new headlamp on my bike. It was warmer, though, so I cycled in the near-dark without wearing gloves.

I stopped at the new and still deserted Lidl on the walk from Kalasatama for bread and cheese for lunch.

Now I am talking with Liisa and looking out the window at the autumn colours. There is a man walking a dog through the fallen leaves. I will have several conversations with Nathalie and a flurry of mails with Fred and Jutta.

I will spend the afternoon with the Mobile Apps group, who are now working in four teams on separate but parallel projects.

In the evening I will do some ironing and then spend about ninety minutes typing up another chapter of Community, Arts & the State. I am now one quarter of the way through the book.