Thursday, October 22

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A306, Arcada, 11:00


This morning it was actually dark when I left the house. It was also very windy and I cycled twice the distance I usually cycled, as the wind pushed me back as I cycled forwards.

At Arcada I talked with Jutta and decided to institute a new policy of buying and loading new fonts onto the computers in the online media lab at the beginning of every period, in order to make fonts an explict, and very visible, part of the design courses. I added this to the budget that we are submitting to Fred. Actually I mailed it as an addendum to the budget we mailed yesterday.

I then had a brief look at the final presentations of the students in Jutta’s UX course, because what they are presenting will become the beginning of the project that they will be making with me in CMS in Period 2, starting next week.

When I got back into the room somebody had arranged some of the material lying on Liisa’s and my desks into a tableau on Liisa’s desk. I am photographing the result as evidence. Of what, I am not sure; but it must be evidence of something.