Spring Lambs 2012

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POSTED: March 26, 2012

Today we went to Sundö for the first visit of the year. The lambs were arriving. When we got there one of the sheep was about to give birth but, sadly, nothing happened by the time we left and we later learned that the lambs were born an hour later.

A new lamb

The barn was noisy and the sheep were varied. Some were timind and some were pushing themselves at us.

We inspected the summer house and everything was there, everything was dry, and the place felt very inviting. All it needs is an hour with a vacuum cleaner and some suitable surface-cleaning liquid, and we can move in again.

We will return briefly at Easter and then have a proper weekend in Pellinki at Vappu. The best thing about the whole day was that everyone left feeling that summer was coming, even though it has snowed heavily overnight. Just being in Sundö was a tonic.