Friday, October 30

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Arcada, 8:50


It was hard frost again this morning. Minna left on her bike thirty seconds before me, but I had to stop at Tarkku’s to deliver some magazines. I got back on my bike and pedalled furiously. By the time I got to Puotila I had narrowed the gap again to about five metres. Minna, being in front, was oblivious of all this.

Now I am in Arcada and I am looking at a display of practical results from a Plastics recycling course in which students had to conceive of uses for existing materials. This is a rally car.

I will spend some of the morning administrating Lynda, and some answering mails. I will spend the rest of the morning finishing my book chapter and at 13:00 exactly I will mail it to Alison and Gerri. I will explain to them my plans for next year and ask if they are interested.

I will then email Denise to ask about her research. I know from a conversation with Matteo that our interests overlap and so I am wondering if there might be ways to cooperate or collaborate.

I will then turn my attention to WordPress, Foundation and Sass, because something in yesterday’s session made me realise that we may need to look at Sass to complete the projects. I had hoped to avoid this, but that may not be possible.

I will leave at 15:10 to free the cat, because I might as watch the Lynda videos about Saas at home with Sunshine for company as here on my own. 

When I get home at about 16:10 I will let Sunshine out – but he will not return five minutes later, as predicted. With him gone for awhile and Irma working late, I will take the opportunity to do tomorrow’s cleaning today. Neither of them like the sound of vacuuming and now they won’t have to hear it.

Later I will type another chapter and sit down to wait for one or the other of them to show up. At 19:10 Sunshine will be declared the winner.