Saturday, March 24

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Etelä-Esplanadi, 16:20

I arrived in the city centre at 10:00 to find Reidar’s new BRiiM centre, his brain gym and relaxation centre. This is where today’s all day session of the MA course is taking place. When I got there I was expecting a side entrance, or a small office. It took me a couple of moments to realise that he was occupying the entire premises.

We spent the morning being led through a series of small talks and practical exercises. Then we split up for lunch. I walked over to Stockmann and had my first burger of the new in the newly refurbished Hesburger on the sixth floor.

In the afternoon I gave everyone their group task and off they went. Now almost everyone has completed their task and left for a wild weekend in town. There is one group left and I am filling my time by taking photographs. This is the central area.

Soon, I will race to Itäkeskus (which rebranded itself as ITIS earlier this month) where I will meet Irma and Auo who will take me shopping before giving me a lift home.

Then we will have our second very relaxed and very amusing evening in a row.