Monday, November 2

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Arcada, 14:50


Today was warm enough that Sunshine went out, sat in the garden watching the door, and refused to come back in again. I got on my bike and left, with my lunch in a bag.

The morning was non-stop action. I reworked the course of Jutta’s that I will teach tomorrow. I ploughed though books and videos on Sass, and learned all I needed to know. I downloaded Scout, which is a framework that ends the need for any command-line nonsense; and means that I can suddenly add Sass to the CMS course, which will wake people up pretty sharply.

By lunchtime I had Sass up and running and I was liking it. I really will redo this site before Christmas now.

I met with the students from Mobile Apps, who have mostly finished their projects and replanned the final week of the course into something that will not waste both our times. I diverted some of them into working on a project for Lars. I tried to set up a Skype meeting with Jana and Frederico about the potential summer camp somewhere in the Mediterranean next July or August.

I did some of the usual Lynda administration, concerning students whose accounts had mysteriously “stopped working”. Since I have an administration panel that shows me when people have logged into Lynda I can easily spot that these students have never logged in at all, and so it would be more accurate to say that their accounts have never started working.

I talked with Fred and Nathalie about how I am supposed to represent our department at the conference on Thursday and Friday.

Now I am in the fortnightly team meeting, watching Affe write, Mirko move around and Monika type. The fruitbowl is from a previous meeting, although we are making certain to eat the remains of the fruit.

Later I will have another meeting with the students, and watch a short set of videos about using Sass with Foundation.