Friday, November 6

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IKEA, 18:50


This morning I cycled again.

I spent the morning and some of the afternoon at Aalto in the second day of the working group. I volunteered to lead the section on Learning Outcomes, because I am already doing work on that at Arcada. Everyone else volunteered for other things.

If I have learned one thing from this meeting it is that Slack works very well indeed as a way of organising this kind of project. I think I may need to talk to Jutta about this when she is back. It worked so smoothly (even for people who admitted they use computers as little as possible) that perhaps we should rethink our experiments with Zoho Connect.

When I got back to Arcada, Tomas and I planned two courses for Period 3, and an all-day workshop for us, Andrej, Jutta and Liisa in three weeks time. We are going to use an Ideo course to learn something we will teach while, at the same time, planning The Future North.

Now, having cycled home with my recharged lamp, I am at Ikea with Irma to buy our winter supply of candles. We are look at the café but my lunch was too large to permit hotdogs at this time of day. Irma is sending a screenshot to Naa, who loves coming to Ikea for hodari.

We will queue for hours with our trolley full of candles and the woman at the checkout will be Frida from the cultural producer students at Arcada.

We will go home, drink tea, watch the news to see if the government has collapsed (it hasn’t) and then go to bed.