Saturday, November 14

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Access Space, 17:15


The Travelodge has “award-winning beds” and as I woke up from a deep sleep I decided that I agreed with whoever gave them the award.

I got to Access Space at midday, and Jake and I set the room up. We needed to wait for Monica to set the projector up though. While we waited for her to arrive we went to a nearby Mexican café where I had a black bean burrito which was great.

At 14:00 the event started. There were 23 people there, all of whom had braved the torrential rain and bitter winds to be there. One of them was Keith who was briefly back from Bolivia to see what students had been doing to his house.

I talked for about 45 minutes and people asked questions and discussed for another 30 or so. I was happy and they seemed happy.

Then John presented his ideas for the Robot Fashion Show he wants to do next year. He was like a surreal northern standup and I was entranced. I watch his robots move round the table, and I watch him make t-shirts live. This robot is wearing a t-shirt that was made a few moments ago.

By the end of his presentation I will want to move to Sheffield to take part.

Keith and I will go for a drink afterwards and after ten minutes walking to The Banker’s Draft through the never-ending rain I will change my mind.

The evening will finish with Keith trying to find a pub very near my hotel for one final drink. We will get there eventually, soaked to the skin, and I will point out that we passed the Travelodge twice.

Keith will point out that Sheffield is difficult to navigate. I will watch the stag party gyrating in the corner and imagine all the other places I could be.