Wednesday, November 18

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Sörnainen, 8:45


Heavy rain again on the way to the bus, but my weather-proof coat proved weather proof. When I got out of the metro at Sörnäinen it was pouring heavily and the streets were filled with water. Now I am waiting for a tram and taking another version of a photo I have taken once or twice every year. Perhaps I will make an exhibition out of them one day.

At 9:00 I will sit with Jutta in a meeting about the website for Lars’ conference in Spring. I will not be sure why I am there but I will smile knowingly whenever my name is mentioned.

I will then read through a book proposal I had been sent by Routledge for a book called Keywords in Remix Culture. It seems like a good idea to me and I will fill in the form I have been sent saying so. I will receive a second form minutes later asking me to select some books from the Routledge catalogue by way of reward, and so I will settle down to choose.

I will pick five.

At 11:00 Jutta and I will have a meeting with Fred, Nicke and Nathalie at which we will repurpose the work we did in Johannesburg, which was never used, for a new project aimed at creating a nordic network for student film-makers.

After lunch I will walk to Aalto to collect my certificate and then respond to the final draft of a student thesis, saying that it was ready for take-off. Finally I will write to a Swedish professor of psychology in an attempt to start my own network, and then suggest a workshop at I could run at Lars’ conference.

Irma will be spending the evening with Päivi and so I will deal with the cat, clean the house, watch an interesting episode of Doctor Who, and transcribe another chapter of Community Art and the State.