Thursday, November 19

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A4, Arcada, 17:40


I spent the morning preparing the rest of the CMS course which has slid out of my control in a way thet I hadn’t expected. This is the first time I have run the two courses as one, and the first time I have used Lynda videos in the course, and the first time I have used Foundation as the basis for the grid design. In addition to this at least two students have been determined to make a parallax site, which seems to pose enormous difficulties in terms of bonding it with the Foundation code.


I spent the afternoon with the CMS group. Since we have all these issues I decided to deal with them by adding one more. I spent half of the afternoon introducing them to Sass, and the second half of the afternoon taking them through the structure of JointsWP, the Foundation-based WordPress theme that we will be using.

After the students left I wrote a letter of intent for Federico, printed it, scanned it, and mailed it to him.
I notice a pattern of wires on a table in A4. They strike me as the most interesting geometric arrangement I have seen all day, with the exception of Frida’s website.

Next I will go I to S-Market, to buy some bread and cheese and beer and the I will set off for Egle’s apartment, which is about three hundred metres from Naa’s old school. We are having a Pixelache chillout evening. I will get the 6 tram from Arcada to the end of Bulevardi, and then walk about four hundered metres through driving rain.

I had forgotten that Egle’s partner is Timo, who I have met on a number of occasions. He is funny and likeable and interesting. Mikko, Jana, Verne, and Petri will arrive soon after me and Egle will chop up some of my bread and spread it with her mother’s home made tomatoes, achony paste and olives. Her family live in Palermo.

I had also forgotten my swimming trunks and towel for the promised swim and sauna, but it will turn out that this doesn’t matter, since Timo will find me a dressing gown and towel and nobody will use swimwear.

They live on the eighth floor of an apartment block, so we will jump in the lift and go down to the basement. When we get to the bottom the lift will go slightly too far and we will have to jump out. The sauna and swimming will go on much longer than I had expected, but when everyone is finally ready we will discover that the lift is broken. The doors won’t open.

This is bad news because Jana is eight months pregnant with twins and Verne is about seven and tired. And we have all the towels and the beer cans, most of which are still full. It will take ages to walk back up to the top of the building. Jana will give up and sit in the stairs halfway up.

When we are finally in the apartment I will grab my bag and leave. I will turn down Egle’s offer of homemade Italian soup, even though it looks and smells delicious. I will walk back through the pouring rain, catch the 6 tram to Stockmann, walk to the metro, and then get a 97V from Itäkeskus to home.

I will think about the conversation and the things we discussed. I had an interesting and useful time, and I will be very glad I went.

I will finally get back at 23:38 and find a note in the toilet welcoming me home. I will brush my teeth, cream my face and be in bed asleep before 23:45.