Tuesday, November 24

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Vartiokyläntie, 7:50


Last night it finally snowed, although not a lot. This morning the ground is white for the first time this winter. The snow is no more than thick frost but it is enough to make the pavements slippery in places.

I will just get the bus by sliding round the corner without falling over.

I will take the Windows 2000 computer into work with a view to letting it dry out and then saving the photographs and files on it for posterity. My arm will be aching by the time I get there. It is heavy enough to count as your complete hand luggage on a modern flight.

At 9:15 we will begin the first all-day CMS workshop, as people begin to assemble their final work, by merging their Foundation-based prototype site into Wordpress, using the JointsWP theme as a starting point. As expected everyone will have a different problem and my day will consist of a rapidly rotating sequence of one-to-one tutorials.

What I hadn’t expected was the fact the the group would approximately divide into two: those doing “standard” Wordpress websites and those intent one doing one-page parallax-style sites which would somehow become powered by Wordpress. The second group will raise a set of very interesting problems and I will begin to suspect that, by the end of the course, we will have invented a more-or-less new way of theming Wordpress. It will be Wordpress powered by Foundation, but not as we know it.

At 16:00 I will have a Skype meeting with the Nobanet E-Learning team. It will be scheduled for an hour but will finish in less than forty minutes with everything decided and the next two deadlines agreed. I will have time to write up some notes before I forget them, before racing home in the dark.

I will discover that it pouring with rain outside Arcada, and raining even harder at Sörnäinen. When I get to Vartiokylä it will not be raining at all. 

I will let Sunshine out because he is frantic for the open air. Ten minutes later he will be back wanting food and warmth.