Wednesday, November 25

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Hietaniemenkatu, 16:50


I started the day as usual, noticing that the snow had gone as quickly as it came, and had time for a cup of tea before teaching began.

I had the first all-day workshop with the CMS group and it went as I expected. The two broad groups of approaches contained a multitiude of different problems which all required individual attention.

Some people went home early because they knew what they had to do, knew how to do it, and preferred to sit in their own room, on their own computer, looking out the window while thinking. Others remained.

Frida has built an excellent fixed-background one page site in Foundation, but she could not get it transferred into WordPress at all. I had a go and neither could I. Finally I suggested that she carried on fine-tuning the static Foundation version while I tried to find out why neither of us could get it to work in WordPress.

I made a lot of interesting discoveries about WordPress and the structure of her site, but by the time we all left it was still not working. I promised her that it would work tomorrow because: why wouldn’t it?

Now I am in Kamppi outside Kellumo, the new relaxation centre, where Irma has bought me three tickets to use their flotation tanks. I will go in and chat, choose which tank I would like, get ready, and then float for an hour.

I will really enjoy it, and enjoy being back in that domain for the first time in two or more years.

The feeling will come back to me in a very familiar way and I will experience the edge-of-sleep drifting thought capsules that I remember from the times I used Floatworks in London.

Afterwards I will sit drinking herbal tea with the owner who will be interested in my previous floating experiences. I will leave about 18:30 feeling very positive both about the experience and about Kellumo.

Later Irma and I will compare notes, and she will tell me about her online meeting with the people from Ideo.

I will go to bed feeling relaxed.