Friday, November 27

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Lanterna, 18:40


I missed the bus this morning and walked to Alepa through a rising wind. We have been promised some kind of storm and here it came.
I spent most of today planning and writing. In the morning I went through the CMS assignments so far and mapped out a strategy for getting everyone to the finishing line by the end of the course. I then had a two hour Skype meeting with Jutta in which we planned the Intorduction to Interactive Storytelling course that will take place in Period 4.

This is supposed to be the first part of a three part collection of courses which result in the entire third year making a five or six episode children’s television show for YLE. In the opening part Jutta and I are supposed to introduce the students to the theory and practice of interactive storytelling before finishing the ocurse with an asignment that courses them to rethink the theories in terms of addressing eight year olds.

In the afternoon I finished writing the first short paper about the project that may or may not end up being called Vanaheimr and mailed it to Anette, Ivar, Reidar and Riita. I then wrote the minutes for the Nobanet online meeting we held earlier this week. Included in the minutes was a request that Milda joins the meetings in future since it is almost impossible to participate in a Skype call while trying to take notes about what everyone is saying.

Now we have been to Prisma and we are in Lanterna looking for a shelf that looks like a ladder. I notice that Expert has shut down. Neither of us has any idea of how long ago this might have happened.

When we get home I will go round to the front door where my entrance will be blocked by a large piece of edging from the roof that has blown off in the storm