Sunday, November 29

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Helsinki-Vantaa airport, 17:45


We got up later this morning and I changed the beds. We got everything ready for Naa’s arrival and then I went for a short walk.

In the afternoon we went to visit Irma’s father and now we are at the airport. Naa’s plane is thirty five minutes early but we are there anyway.

Here she comes, smiling, with her hair colored red. Irma has remembered to bring a winter coat, and she will need it.

Once we are home we will have several hours of presents and stories, as well as new clothes and photograph albums to look at. We will eat a variety of Thai snacks and then Irma will make the fried egg concoction that Naa always loves.

She will eat and go to bed. It is 9pm here but it is 2am in Naa’s head. We will go to bed shortly afterwards.