Tuesday, December 1

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Toukolankatu, 10:20


This morning we all got up. Naa and Irma went to get Naa’s Indian visa and I went to Arcada.

Now it is 10:20 and I have answered mails while drinking tea and begun to map out something I will write this afternoon. Jutta and I need to talk again about the course in Period 4 and she wants to go to Tockmanni to buy pencils for the second year. I am going with her and as we pass the lions in the space between Arcada and Prakticum I noticed that they are covered with children from the local nursery. They are all wearing fluorescent orange safety jackets and they look loveably ridiculous; especially since they are in broad daylight well away from the road.

We will buy pencils and I will return for a lengthy MEDA meeting at which I will outline my two research projects. The theoretical one about dividuality will suddenly become the lynchpin for everything else; the hub around which everything else will revolve. Hmmm, I will think.

We will finalise the course while eating lunch, and then I will write an abstract for my suggested panel for the conference in March, which has suddenly become a milestone for the MEDA project. I will then begin my homework for the Nobanet E-Learning group, until it is time to go home.

I will notice that the weather has changed and the dark, stormy gale we have had for the past few days has given way to a warmer blue.

In the evening Naa will return from Kamppi and the three of us will chat while Sunshine wanders around. Naa will fall asleep reading about 20:00, and I will have a shower. Naa will wake up for an early supper and go back to bed. I will read a book that Irma got from the Indian Embassy.