Monday, December 7

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Friends & Brgrs, 12:15


This morning was chaotic. I arrived, scanned our passport for Anib, mailed them to him, and then got embroiled in an official emergency. There was nobody to supervise an examination except me, and the students were waiting to start. I grabbed my iPad and ran, thinking that I would change my plans and read this morning, leaving this morning’s preparation for this afternoon. The exam was in one of the few remaining wifi deadspots in Arcada. I just sat.

Now I am in the centre with Naa. We are in Friends and Brgrs which I have been to once, with Liisa, and Naa has been wanting to go to. There gimmick is that the food is good. They buy Finnish meat and grind it into burgers themselves. They have the buns baked at a small local bakery. The fries are made from Finnish potatoes that they slice themselves and then triple fry. I know all this is true because one of Liisa’s sons has worked there.

This is my Chipotle Burger and very nice it is too.

By 14:00 I will be back at Arcada, preparing furiously while waiting for a student to arrive for a tutorial. He will arrive two minutes early and we will get everything sorted out efficiently and speedily. Then another student will appear, worried that he has messed up one of his courses. I will encourage him with the news that he is well ahead of some others in the course who haven’t even realised they are behind. We will talk and plan a practical outcome for this week’s classes: an outcome that will enable him to pass the course while getting at least a beta version of his project finished.

I will then get on with preparing for those very classes until it is time to go home.