Redneck Haiku

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POSTED: November 12, 2006

While I was in the Bookmark in Charlotte last Saturday I picked up a bargain book called Redneck Haiku, that was waiting temptingly at the counter. It is written by Mary K Witte, who (according to her mini biography at “is proud to be an Okie from Muskogee, even though she lives in Fresno, California”.

It aims to outline the redneck lifestyle of beer, guns, NASCAR, and monster trucks using formally correct haiku, and it succeeds. I bought it immediately my eyes fell on this:

Turkey fryer bought
from cable shopping channel
burns down trailer park.

It seemed to manage to work as a haiku and actually use that fact to make a point. My favourite one, though is this:

Southern Comfort gone.
Bottoms up; the last goes down.
Pickup veers to right.

If that doesn’t strike you as funny, then I almost certainly can’t explain why you are wrong.