Second Life Liberation Army

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POSTED: November 27, 2006

The Second Life Education Discussion list is proving very useful as a source of both information and ideas. I have found some equipment from there, to use in-world, including the very useful TourHUD that Electric Sheep have released free.

While catching up with the weekend’s backlog this morning I found a link that led me to the website and blog of the Second Life Liberation Army. Their aim is as follows:

The Second Life Liberation Army (SLLA) was formed as the ‘in-world’ military wing of a national liberation movement within Second Life. The movement contends that univeral suffrage is a right that should be established within Second Life immediately. As Linden Labs is functioning as an authoritarian government the only appropriate response is to fight. To this end the political movement has dissolved itself and handed over interim power to the SLLA Army council headed by it Chief of Staff. When the SLLA succeeds in its aims it will disband and hand power back to the political wing of the movement. For the time being all military decisions will be taken by the SLLA Chief of Staff and implemented by SLLA fighters.

Their “revolutionary” demand appears to be the right to purchase shares in Linden Labs. Their tactics (somewhat confusingly) appear to revolve around harrassing people of whom they disapprove. They have, for example, declared “unrestricted warfare” against both the owners of Midnight City, and anyone who visits it.

Given the fact that the majority of influential personalities in SL have interests in Midnight City we implore everyone concerned with establishing representative rights within SL to attack targets in Midnight City. Therefore, until further notice the SLLA advises all its volunteers and those interested in being part of the movement to conduct shootings and bombings in Midnight City. Anyone using the SIM is a legitimate target.

Midnight City is a sim given over to a mass of themed shops. Architecturally it is very striking, even if you dont like the style. How harrassing shoppers there moves forward the demand that Linden Labs sell shares to users of Second Life is a mystery that the Chief of Staff has no doubt already solved.

All we need now is a proclamation explaining it to the rest of us.