Mazes & Labyrinths

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POSTED: November 25, 2006

I saw a script today in the Second Life scripting library for a script that generates mazes. This was something that I was thinking of doing at some time in the very near future – because solving mazes might just prove the basis of a team sport on Rosario.

Imagine my surprise when Moose Pegler, the maze-maker, pointed to the same site that I had been thinking of using to build the outline of a maze: Think Labyrinth! This is a mazemaker’s delight. Not only does it tell you more than you could possibly want to know about how mazes are categorised and created, but it also has downloadable software to allow you to create mazes.

Moose’s LSL script enables you to take the output from one of these mazes and recreate it in Second Life. As a resource the two, taken together, are both eye-opening and useful.