Monday, March 26

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Recycling Centre, 18:30

In the morning I carefully documented the Saturday session at BRiiM, making certain that the instructions for the assignment were clear. I set up the discussion forum in Its Learning, and made sure it worked. Nicke uploaded his notes from the session he did on Friday.

Then I replaced the logo on the DoEL book and sent copies to Annu and Stefan. The team meeting consisted of Nicke explaining about Caspar, the Swedish television open source captioning system, which he explained last week. I added more antique material here instead.

I got home to discover we were leaving. Now we are at the recycling centre looking to see if there are cheap cycles we can buy to use in Sundö. There are indeed some cycles but they are neither cheap nor anything like we might want. Auo looks horrified.

We will leave and, by a circuitous route, return home.