About Owen Kelly


This page contains a few snippets that will guide you towards what my lawyers might call full disclosure. Some of this information appears to be factual while the rest continues to work its way towards that kind of status.

About me

I write, design, create objects and events, take photographs, make sounds, and teach. Currently I spend most of my time as principal lecturer in online media at Arcada, a university of applied science in Helsinki, Finland. I also play an active role in, and have sat on the board of, Pixelache, a digital arts collective in Helsinki.

I completed doctoral research at Aalto University, in 2015. You can download the thesis, Ambient Learning and Self Authorship free from dibdibdob.com, or you can send Aalto University money and ask them for a printed copy, wonderfully designed by Hanna Valle.

I have a short biography available, which I originally compiled at the request of a conference organiser, and then subsequently updated several times. You can find the current version right here.

I also have a longer, and more formal, curriculum vitae which I update less regularly, which means that I update it as regularly as anything happens that warrants an update. I do not update my skills and networking abilities every fortnight, either here or on LinkedIn. Actually, I have learned to have as little to do with LinkedIn as possible.

Online Traces

I used to leave assortments of visual evidence at Flickr, and although my account there still exists, it has slowly slipped out of date and now it exists as a distant memory, if at all. You would do better to look at my photodiary here, if you like that sort of thing.

I also used to have an array of bookmarks at Del.icio.us but we all know what happened there.

Social Media

You can find me interacting slowly at Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

I also used G+, but you can still try adding me to your circles there, if you like, and see where that gets you.

Finally, for reasons that remain unclear to me, I have an About.me page for which I will one day surely find some useful purpose. At the moment it simply provides another possible way of finding your way here.

Contacting me

If you wish to contact me then I have a nifty contact form that works most of the time. You can use that and, if a message reaches me, then I will respond as soon as I have the time.