Thursday, January 19

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Arcada, 19:15


The work-day started with the first feedback session for the Concept & Innovation course at 9:15 and continued until the final feedback session finished at 14:35. Tomas and I took the first two and then Tomas had to leave to help Jutta for the thesis forum, so I took the last two singlehandedly. By that point we had worked out a pattern for our responses so I just carried on as though I had two heads.

I had a quick lunch made from packets brought back from India. Then I made the slide shows for the evening class.

At 16:30 Tomas and I began the first session of this year’s MA course in Media Innovation. At 18:45 the students began an exercise and so I spend some time walking between the two rooms they have occupied to work. I notice the dining area completely deserted and watch the lights reflecting infinitely into the distance in the winter darkness. If you look carefully you can see cars passing by outside.

The course will finish at 20:30. Tomas and I will make sure we both agree on how it went and what we need to do for tomorrow’s session.

Then I will head home.