Wednesday, December 19

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Lighthouse Beach, 16:50


We had breakfast about 11:00. I had strawberry cornflakes with fresh mango. Irma had cheese on toast. Naa had fried eggs.

Tangaraj arrived to take us to SISP. The new highway construction works made finding it a challenge.

We spent an hour or so talking with Paul, and Skatey the dog appeared and jumped all over us.

Later in the afternoon we went to Lighthouse Beach and said hello to everyone at Leo. We walked down a bit and met Hari and Christine at The Village, where we found them both manically busy. TheY told us that the Pink House should open on Sunday.

Uday joined us at Leo and we talked with him for some time.

The girls walk down to the sea to get their feet wet and, when they return, I walk onto the beach to photograph Leo from a distance. The beach seems almost empty, as does Leo.

We stay to eat and I have my traditional first meal of egg biriyani and chappati.

At home we will explore the television channels available to us before giving up and going to bed, where I will spend the night under concerted attacks by marauding mosquitoes.