Saturday, July 2

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Bastuhamn, 14:00


We had a minimal breakfast so that we were in time to drive to the market, buy fish and collect Camilla. There is a loppis at Bastuhamn in which everything in the grounds is for sale. We are going to see what is available.

Irma finds lots of things for Naa and for us. I find a fretsaw which I was explaining yesterday that I needed for a job I will be doing next week. It is very hot and I am sitting on the grass looking at the Pellinge-made boat that is the star of the sale. Unbeknown to me Irma is, at this very moment, negotiating to buy it.

Very soon we will own this boat and a 20cc Yamaha engine to power it. Apparently we will collect it on Monday. We will need to leave it in the water for a day or two, baling it out, until it becomes waterproof, so taking it home by sea isn’t an option.

In the afternoon we will finish Naa’s room and I will paint two sides of the outside red.

We were going to pack up and drive to the airport to collect Naa, who is arriving back from Italy at 22:10, but the cat will be asleep and Irma will decide that the sensible thing would be for her to collect Naa while I stay with Sunshine and carry on painting the shed.

She will leave on the 18:15 ferry.